Workshop Testimonials

"Planning for language differentiation is not as complicated as I thought!"

"I really appreciate your attention to students with low literacy and little English. Beginning with an oral language lesson and moving into writing is perfect!"

 "...Whole to Part instruction builds literacy skills faster than using isolated language pieces found in de-contextualized drills because the context is relevant, significant, and engaging. My students have bloomed using this approach..." 

"These are activities that help ALL students learn!"

"Need even more social/emotional trainings geared toward students' mental health needs. It would benefit so many of our students for more teachers to be informed about this." 

"The webinar, although short, is very enlightening for me. The shared ideas are very valuable as I seek to improve my TESOL pedagogy. We need more of these "short but meaty" webinars."

"I really enjoyed the choices given to us today!"

"I like the Artful Thinking strategies (I See, I Think, I Wonder) using art to introduce new topics and get them thinking."

"I plan to propose that your online course on immigrant family engagement in schools be included as a PD for all staff at my school. It's really an excellent course with a lot of concise information that most teachers have never been provided. Thanks again!"

"The Whole to Part and instructional supports were VERY Helpful!"

"This course was a very valuable resource when creating lessons for my students. As an ESOL teacher, I am already planning language supports for the various proficiency levels of my students, but this course helped me be more intentional in my planning."

"The tools provided throughout this course are great resources to use when determining the language that students are expected to be able to process or produce at various proficiency levels and are useful when differentiating instruction."

"Your trainer was FANTASTIC! Thank you so much! I am hoping to schedule another!"

"Thank you so much to you and your team for a wonderful day!"