Take the Road to ESL Certification

Are you an experienced teacher looking to become an ESL teacher?

Our "Road to ESL Certification Program" offers specialized knowledge and preparation, so you can confidently take on this new role, including guidance to pass the ESL Praxis exam. Discuss your state’s specific ESL certification requirements and develop a program specific to your needs by contacting Kelly at

Praxis Prep Program

Access 15 hours of flexible, self-paced online modules packed with Praxis prep content, videos, and valuable resources. Enhance your preparation with 3 live Zoom coaching/collaboration sessions.

Colorado-Approved Training

The Colorado Department of Education officially approves our training program. Customize your professional development with a workshop series of up to 45 hours, including online options.

Indiana ENL Licensure

Stay compliant with Indiana's new English learner program staffing guidelines, introduced in August 2019. English Learner Portal assists in meeting the new requirements or obtaining an ENL licensure.

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