Our Story

How It All Started

English Learner Portal is on a mission to revolutionize English language education for both teachers and students alike. Founded in 2018 by Kelly, a passionate educator, and WIDA-certified facilitator, our portal was born out of a burning desire to support teachers and equip them with the latest teaching techniques and resources.

As a former teacher in the public school system, Kelly cherished the days dedicated to professional development, but as the years passed, these opportunities dwindled due to various initiatives and meetings.

In the early days, Kelly and her colleagues traveled extensively, sharing invaluable insights on creating success for English learners. At that time, Kelly developed the first online course, "Whole to Part: Early Literacy for English Learners," which received rave reviews from educators.

2020 brought unforeseen challenges with the pandemic but also catalyzed our growth.

Adapting swiftly, English Learner Portal shifted its focus to providing a wealth of professional development content online, ensuring that teachers worldwide could access it conveniently.

Today, our team at English Learner Portal continues to thrive, offering a plethora of in-person and online options for schools worldwide. Join us on an exciting journey of learning and exploration to create a world where English learners shine on the path to success

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