45-Hour Courses

Learn At Your Own Pace In 45 Hours

3 Graduate Credits Optional

Designed to enhance your teaching effectiveness and simplify your work, allowing you to delve deeply into a single professional learning topic.

With 45-hour options available, you can learn at your own pace while being supported by a dedicated facilitator. These self-paced, asynchronous courses also allow earning three optional graduate credits through UMass Global for just $450. Register now to secure your spot!

Allow earning three optional graduate credits through UMass Global for an additional $225 UMG registration fee.”

A Content Teacher's Guide to English Learner Success

Gain expertise in proficiency levels and their impact on instruction. Unveil powerful strategies that empower students to access content while developing language skills.

The Muslim Students Program

Uncover the Muslim religion and culture, and learn effective ways to support students, creating a welcoming school environment. 

Writing Across Disciplines

Master the art of breaking down writing instruction into manageable, actionable steps for English learners, benefiting the writing skills of all students without overwhelming yourself.

Teaching Writing to Intermediate and Advanced English Learners

Learn academic writing challenges and discover best practices to empower intermediate and advanced English learners to thrive.

Consistent Results & Growth

At the English Learner Portal, we focus on proven methods that consistently yield positive results and foster growth among English learners.

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